Overcome your
credit card debt

Tally can help pay your cards for you and save you money on interest. Get your time and money back with Tally.

Pay down debt faster

Average lifetime savings of $5,300

No more high APRs or late fees

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Meet Tally, the world’s first automated debt manager

How Tally works

You save money immediately when Tally pays your high-interest credit cards. We combine all your cards into a single payment at a lower interest rate. Here’s how it works:

We give you a credit line.

If you qualify, we analyze your cards and credit profile to find the best offer. You need a FICO Score of 660 or higher to qualify.

We pay your credit cards.

We use your Tally credit line to help you save money on interest. Our late fee protection guarantees you never worry about missed payments.

You repay us every month.

No matter how many cards you have, you only make one payment to Tally. We manage your cards so you don’t have to.

We keep saving you money.

As you pay us back, we’re able to make more payments to your cards and pay down your balances until you’re debt-free.

Safely add your credit cards to Tally a secure credit line to pay off your credit card debt unluck your savings with Tally Tally helps you to take control over your financial life

Serious about security

Tally was built from the ground up to be secure. Keeping your data safe is our No. 1 priority, which is why it’s securely transmitted using SSL encryption. We never store your bank usernames or passwords, and never sell or share your data without your permission.

What you get with Tally

Multiple credit cards payments made easy

All your cards in one place

Make just one monthly payment to your credit cards

Low-interest line of credit

Keep your credit cards working smoothly

One monthly credit card bill

Let us do the hard work of managing your credit cards

Personalized payment plan

We guarantee late fee protection for all your credit cards

Protection against late fees

Frequently asked questions

How much does Tally cost?

Tally is free to download, though you need our line of credit to get the benefits. Read more.

How does Tally pay my cards?

Tally monitors the balances, APRs and due dates on each card you register. Read more.

How is my minimum payment calculated?

Your minimum payment is based on the APR and payments made with your line of credit. Read more.

What people are saying about Tally

76 Reviews
u00c9lan Heredia
Emmanuel Opili
Very Good
Danielle Kessler
Easy and effective! I really love tally. It was a way to easily consolidate my credit cards without having to worry about the remaining balances that I had left (because I couldn't get a loan to cover the full amount). The app has been glitchy a fews times, but it seems like they have resolved all the issues. My credit score went up 60 points after signing up because it made it appear that I had no balances on my cards. It's really great if you can get approved. I definitely recommend
Alison P
Love it ,just wanted to qualify
Eddie Gantt
Eric Samuels
Great help during tough times.
Hala El
It's the best thing to manage credit cards payments, very easy to use
Robert Reinhold
Has saved me quite a bit of cash when I got into some financial trouble. Almost paid off now!
Tim Wagner
Awesome app!!!
Emanuel Washington
A great app tool
Cory Hammerstone
Helps me stay on track! I have had issues with credit cards for most of my adult life. I'm close to paying my credit debt off, and finally able to afford to save money.
Abbey Torres
Great service.
Delores L. Cunningham
Tally is great, I paid off all my debt in just 16 months. Thank all of you at Tally for your assistance. :-)
Phill Philyaw
I was skeptical about Tally. But anytime can handle priority financials with a SOFT CREDIT INQUIRY.....I am listening. I only used my high balance Discover Card on the applicatio to keep it simple. Sure enough a week after the soft credit inquiry and 5minute application process my Discover balance disappeared and I owed Tally $1400. I pay $100 per week though minimum monthly is $35. Utilization on my credit report dropped from 66% to 0% and my score shot up 35 points...save interest too!😍
Pauline Gough
So far it's really great. I am surprised at the ease of use and no red flags. I'm used to there always being a catch. This genuinely helps me pay down my debt and think about my spending. I. Really glad this app was suggested to me!
Julia Tomassilli
Makes paying off credit card debt easier and cheaper. Super easy to use.
Alicia J
It's a great way to take control of your credit card debt.
Charles Young
Tally is a pleasurable experience and has helped with credit card debt.
Jalen Dismuke
They helped so much!
Brandon Camacho
Easy to use. Affordable too :D
Anthony Morgan
One of the best app I ever use
Jesse Jones
A huge help to me in managing my credit cards!
hssnd tam
Easy to use app, Clear and concise instructions provided, Very responsive and helpful customer support team, There is a great offer with the $50 payment credit when opening your account via Groupon, This is making managing my cc debt easier, Definitely recommended 👌, Thank you so much!
Nashlia Nahla
I really really love it... I paid off my credit cards and save tun of money due to the low interest rate tally offer. I def recommend.
George Medrano
Daniel Schuler
They helped me out big time with my credit card
Lizet Florentino
Very helpful when it comes to paying your credit card bills and understanding too, if you can't pay them on time they will try to work with you! I truly recommend it!
Jiahao Li
Tally is a great app to help consolidare all my credit card debt. I pay less each month and it shows me excactly how long it will take to pay off my cards. The only downside for me is Tally can't seem to link with Capital One. Otherwise it's great.
Mrs. MgC
Tally has been very helpful with my managing of credit. So far, I am pleased with their service and the app is super easy to maneuver. There is however a link with 2 different cards that one was not signed up with Tally. I am going to follow up with the creditor to see why the cards are linked. This is troublesome to me and feel it is not worthy just yet of the 5 star rating.
Mike Osborn
If you qualify for this program you can't help but save on credit card interest. It may not appear to be tons of money, but over 2 or 3 years it might cover a car payment (or more).
Bruce Osapeco
Awesome application.
Adonay M Jimenez Tavera
Amazing 👏 🙀 😮 Good tool for people who own several credit cards 💳 . Easy one payment monthly to Tally while it pays your credit cards in the best effective way. Tally really helps you save in interest, it does not mean you won't pay interest but the interests will be way less.
Mayra Rodriguez
I appreciate the payment recommendations. The payment reminder too. Overall a good experience and I'm glad I now only have one payment to keep up with. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Rebecca Nelson
Update 2: I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it works now! Update: I am having another peoblem with the app. It crashes every time i try to open it. I cheched for an update and there is not one. Original review: Since this recent update, the app will not open on my phone. I go to open it and I just get a blank white screen. This is a problem as I need to make a payment next week.
hasan maleki
Sandra Contreras
Love it!.... they took care of my debt & I'm paying back at very lower interest rate & payment!❤ Thank u Tally!👌👏👏
Steven Logan
No complaints whatsoever. It has saved me in interest and has made it easy to manage my credit cards...would recommend it
Mike Akilov
Very helpful
Tina Propheter
Easy to use and see how im saving money
Adrian Ray
Anna Purnell
Tally has been so helpful!!! I feel back in control of my financial life.
Oluwole Babatunde
help made savings
Adina Stein
This is a great app for anyone who is looking to lower their interest rates when they gave a lot of credit card debt. Tried and true. Never had issues with the app and it's really helping me pay up my debt sooner.
Dan Brown
Really helps keep you organized! No more forgotten payments!
Chancel Esso
All my credit cards in one place and I don't worry about due date anymore. Tally is really well designed to help people and also my credit score went up by 31 point in 3 months. Thanks
JX Nelson
No room on cellphone!
Excellent app to help you keep your cards safe and free from interest.
Ali raza
I love the fact that I don't have to keep track of my credit card payment dates
Edgar Felix
Great experience for consolidation. App is easy to use and setup.
Great so far.
Becca Drylie-Perkins
Has been working great for me so far. Would recommend !!!!!
Brandon Byers
Phenomenal! I love how it manages all my cards for me. I pay one bill each month and that's it. Seriously eases the mind and simplifies credit card management. Very happy with Tally.
Crystal Edwards
Easy to use and consolidate Bills
This app takes the stress of what card to pay and how much. I know how much money I want to put towards my overall debt and it comes out one time. I can put more or less depending on what happens in that given month. My credit score has jumped up sense using Tally
terrance johnson
I love this app. Was approved super fast for $20k. No hit on my inquiries. & the balance is not on my report.
Doesn't work with capital one cards, but once it's set up it's easy to use and I'm saving by paying a lower interest. Looking forward to being debt free soon!
Kimberly Bosworth
Easy to use, and savings are instant. Just wish there was a quick way to make additional payments to the ones that are scheduled...
Cristian Orantes
I honestly dont know how I would of made it without tally. They helped me so much when I couldn't make my payments and never did the charge me a late fee when I couldn't pay them back. Extraordinary Customer Service!!
Somtochukwu Ojukwu
Tally is helpful in improving credit score because they do not report the line of credit to the bureaus, which in turn artificially raise your credit score by reducing your utilization rate. I learned they would start reporting at the end of the year; Tally will lose it appeal to most customers because a zero percent balance transfer card would be a better offer. Please let management know this so they don't destroy a good business model.
Nyc chicken soup
I wanted to leave a review since I actually had a positive experience. 4k credit line and it allowed me to make minimum payments but would also suggest monthly payments that would help me get out of debt faster. Honestly after they consolidate several credit cards eliminating all those aprs and possible late payments there’s no reason to only pay the minimum payments.
Shane Durette
Great for managing your debt. Has already saved me over 200 bucks. Thank you Tally.
Rick Leiva
Tally app saved me from paying the credit card company for the rest of my life ! Thank you !
Ryan Dollard
gurjit singh
Its really works. Thanks *tally*
Robert Daniels
Ignazio Calagna
May Fuss
So easy to use
Heather Beckley
Not your traditional credit card, but a line of credit specifically created to allow you to transfer balances AND actually pay them off! Why? Because the interest rate is manageable, unlike every other offer out there.
Aisha Alhassan
Thanks for helping me lower my balances faster than I was able too.
Steven Canada
Just excellent
Bubba Goodrum
I like The app
Bukky Babatunde
Lower intrest
James Edmondson
Helps out alot... Love the fact I now only have one payment.
Eddie Cruz
Like the app, sometimes you get nervous tally would pay a bill on time because it's "automated". But never had an issue
Heather Lima
Easy to use self explanitory.
I love this company. Easy and I am almost debt free cause of them.

Overcome your credit card debt with Tally