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Debt-Free for Good

Tally has saved people millions of dollars on credit card interest and late fees since 2015. Every day, we’re focused on empowering you to break free from debt so you can focus on what truly matters in life.

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James Brown CEO

Growing up, my family struggled to make ends meet despite my mom being one of the hardest-working people I know.


The financial system is designed to be intentionally complex, and we created Tally to level the playing field and put people’s hard-earned money back in their pockets.


— Jason Brown, Tally CEO & Founder

Jason Brown, Tally CEO

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Jason Brown

CEO & Co-Founder

Genessa Stout

Chief Operations Officer, General Counsel

Jason Huynh

Chief Revenue Officer

Jan Chong

VP of Engineering

Anthony Schrauth

VP of Product

David Deitchman

VP of Ethics and Compliance

Our Investors

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Join the Team

"I love working at Tally! The people are amazing and our mission is awesome. It’s so great to feel good about the work I do."

Mary Farrow
Lead Product Manager, Tally Platform

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