Bank credit cards supported by Tally

Tally optimize your credit card debt payments

Tally supports consolidation of more than a dozen bank credit cards

If you use multiple credit cards, you’re also paying multiple bills every month. Each of those cards comes with its own, often high, interest rate.

To reduce the burden of these credit cards and pay down debt faster, Tally customers can consolidate all their balances into one and pay them with a simple app. With Tally, you get the benefit of a lower APR with a Tally line of credit — plus, you never have to worry about late payments.

We regularly add new bank credit cards to Tally. If you don’t see yours, keep checking for updates. You can also check out the retail credit cards Tally supports.

American Express
American Express credit cards are known for having quality customer service and a wide range of perks and rewards tailored to customers’ needs.
Bank of America
Bank of America offers easy-to-use credit cards with solid benefits, including rewards cards that focus on cash back options and redeemable travel points.
Barclays credit cards are relatively new in the United States but have become popular for their long introductory APR promotions and rewards programs.
Capital One
Capital One credit cards are popular for their rewards. The cards typically have low or no annual fees and there are card options for most types of consumers.
Chase has more than a dozen credit card types based on customers’ needs, and each card comes with its own structure of perks and rewards.
Citi offers credit cards for people of all credit levels, from those looking for strong rewards programs to those working to build their credit history.
Discover is best-known for pioneering the first cash rewards program. These days, Discover credit cards are popular for their generous perks.
Fifth Third Bank
Fifth Third Bank credit cards are a simple way to use credit. The cards boast straightforward rewards programs and flexible redemption options.
First Bankcard
First Bankcard credit cards tout simplicity and convenience in the form of superior security, extended purchase protection and low annual fees.
PNC Bank
PNC Bank offers a wide variety of credit cards for customers looking for cash back rewards, travel perks, balance transfers and more.
U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank credit cards cater to a variety of lifestyles, many of which offer significant rewards in terms of cash back and travel options.
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo credit cards are available to people all sorts of credit backgrounds. Most cards have no annual fee, and many offer 0% introductory APR.

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