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International Women’s Day 2024: Inspire Inclusion

Celebrating 3 incredible women who have left a lasting mark on the world of finance

March 8, 2024

This year, as International Women's Day embraces the theme "Inspire Inclusion," we at Tally are thrilled to pause and shine a light on the incredible women who have left a lasting and impressive mark on the landscape of finance. Throughout history, these trailblazers have courageously challenged norms, shattered barriers, and paved the way for a more inclusive industry. Their stories not only epitomize resilience and innovation but also embody the transformative power of investing in female talent and leadership.

Maggie L. Walker

Maggie L. Walker was the first African American woman to charter and serve as the president of a bank in the United States. In 1903, Walker founded the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in Richmond, Virginia, which aimed to provide financial services to Black Americans who were often denied access to traditional banks. Through her leadership and dedication to economic empowerment, Walker accelerated progress by creating opportunities for financial independence and community development.

Victoria Woodhull

Another pioneering woman was Victoria Woodhull, a suffragist and entrepreneur, who made history as the first woman to run for President of the United States in 1872. Woodhull was also a successful stockbroker and the first woman to start a brokerage firm on Wall Street. Despite facing significant societal barriers, Woodhull's entrepreneurial spirit and determination paved the way for women to participate in the male-dominated world of finance, accelerating progress towards gender equality in the financial industry.

Hetty Green 

Finally, Hetty Green, often referred to as the "Witch of Wall Street”, was one of the most successful investors and businesswomen of her time. Despite facing gender discrimination in the world of finance, Green amassed a significant fortune through savvy investments in stocks, bonds, and real estate. Her keen financial acumen and astute decision-making earned her a reputation as one of the shrewdest investors in American history. Green's success challenged conventional notions of women's roles in finance and accelerated progress by demonstrating the significant contributions women could make to the financial world.

This International Women’s Day, let’s reaffirm our dedication to investing in women and propelling progress in the finance world and beyond, not just today, but every day. As we embrace the theme of "Inspire Inclusion,"  let's acknowledge, support, and amplify the contributions of women such as Walker, Woodhull, and Green. Doing so not only enhances the financial space but also paves a path towards a more inclusive, equitable, and successful future for all.