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Member Spotlight: Ashley S.

“It’s taken a while, but I’m almost done with payments so I’m confident I will have the freedom I was hoping to have."

July 30, 2021

Meet Ashley

Ashley’s life is driven by her passions — none of which include being in debt. “I am passionate about helping others and bringing awareness and justice to those who can’t advocate for themselves,” Ashley says. 

She juggles her graduate school classes with her job working with children, and that busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for her to worry about ongoing debt, which is where Tally comes in.  

The Challenge

Ashley’s debt journey began a few years ago when she was unexpectedly let go from a job. “For a few months, I was out of work, and I had to provide for myself,” she explains. 

In her early 20s and without emergency savings, Ashley upped her credit card spending to cover day-to-day spending. Luckily, Ashley was back on the job only a few months later, but her months of covering unemployment expenses on credit cards added up. As student debt payments and credit card bills came due, “I realized I needed help,” says Ashley, “so I used Tally.”

Tally Takes the Pressure Off

Ashley’s days are already busy; she doesn’t need debt taking up any more of her time. From studying to become a social worker to writing and exploring spirituality, using Tally has given her the freedom to focus on what she loves instead of stressing about debt. 

“The low-interest line of credit and no late fees are really helpful because they take the pressure off,” explains Ashley. She also appreciates the smart suggestions Tally provides to help pay down her debt faster. 

The paydown tools and suggestions have also helped Ashley be more cognizant of her spending overall, she says. Now, it’s about paying attention to what she spends and paying back any credit cards as soon as she can. 

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

“It’s taken a while but I’m almost done with payments so I’m confident I will have the freedom I was hoping to have,” Ashley says. Partnering with Tally on debt repayment helped give Ashley the confidence to imagine a debt-free future of helping others. 

Ready to start the journey towards freedom from debt? Check out Tally today.