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Member Spotlight: Diane

“I’ve got a partner in getting out of debt.”

June 3, 2021

Meet Diane

It all started with one goal: “When I retire, I don’t want any debt,” says Diane. The 59-year-old New Orleans resident has been in debt several times in her life, but with the help of Tally, she’s committed to getting out of — and staying — debt-free. 

The Challenge

“What seems to happen is I give myself an inch, and I take a mile,” explains Diane about her spending habits. What starts with one small purchase on the credit card becomes two, then three or more. 

“I use the card, and then there’s another thing, and another, then I snowball into debt again,” she says. When it’s not cash leaving your hand with every purchase, it’s easy to overspend. Cycling in and out of debt was a lot to handle, even without creating a repayment strategy. Guilt, and bills, loomed over Diane’s head.

Teaming Up With Tally

One day, Diane just decided she’d had enough. The cycle of debt was exhausting and took time away from the things she loves to do, including cross-stitch and photography. Debt, and the stress around it, was taking over her life.

Finding Tally in a quick online search, Diane started her journey towards debt-free living. 

It wasn’t just the simple-to-use tools but the educational resources that also drew her in. Before focusing on a payoff strategy, Diane says she didn’t give much thought to the interest accumulating alongside her debt. 

The bills were all lumped together, and her credit card company wasn’t explaining APY and interest to her. Once she started breaking down her bills into debt and accumulated interest, things really started to click. Understanding how much more money she’s paid in interest since taking on debt has changed the way she thinks about spending.  

While the urge to spend hasn’t disappeared, her willpower has grown. “My discipline to not spend money has gotten stronger,” Diane says, “I’m committed to getting debt gone.” 

The willpower only grows stronger the more she learns about debt payoff strategies and how to pay down debt faster. It helps, Diane admits, to have a little help along the way. Before working with Tally, debt felt like a huge burden she had to carry on her own. Now, it feels a little different; she explains: “I feel like l have a partner with Tally. It motivates me to pay more when I can to reduce my debt as much as possible.” 

Life After Debt

The motivation to be done with debt for good has brought a whole new sense of confidence towards Diane’s payoff strategy. So, too, has learning more about debt and debt management. 

There’s been so much to learn, but smart payoff features and automatic tools have also helped create space in Diane’s life. She doesn’t need to think about when her next bill is due, thanks to automatic payoff tools from Tally, and when she needs to revisit her debt repayment plan, she can do it all in one place through Tally’s app. 

Instead of focusing solely on debt, she has time to enjoy her busy life in New Orleans, where she fills her time with everything from reading, writing, and crafts to spending time with her family, “My family is small but mighty, My family is my world.”

Wouldn't you love the feeling of achieving your debt-free goals? Check out Tally today.