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Women of Tally: Changing finance from the inside out

We're not your typical work group.

Tabitha Blagdon

Platform Engineer at Tally

May 26, 2019

Everyone at Tally is passionate about financial inclusion. That’s why we’re here. The products we build are designed to improve the quality of people’s lives. And when they work, our entire team feels good about the impact we made.

We take pride in our ability to change someone’s life for the better. Most of the time, that change is possible because of our technology. But inside Tally, there’s a group that’s making an equally important impact on the Tally team.

Meet Women of Tally

Women of Tally isn’t your typical work group. We have different roles and different goals. We come from different backgrounds and are at different stages in our lives. But when it comes to our group mission, we’re all the same:

We all care about the personal and professional growth of all our group members and that underrepresented people at Tally are thriving.

Women of Tally members (L to R) Betty Hardeman, Erica Dorfman, Cindy Kaori Iijima and Vicki Ni chat during the “Building Your Brand” panel at Tally HQ on March 21.

This isn’t just lip service. We didn’t create Women of Tally for the vanity metrics and fun team outings. Sure, we have the T-shirts and other swag you might expect from a startup in San Francisco. But we also have drive. And dedication. And determination. We have a clear-cut mission and we execute on it.

What we're doing is very new and very special. The women leading our group are making it better and better at every turn. And how do we do that?

By providing internal trainings on career development and managing up. By offering personalized support for all group members. By giving women the tools and resources they need grow professionally — even if it’s beyond Tally.

Our goal is to make sure Women of Tally members have the skills to build meaningful careers for the rest of their lives.

Persistence and purpose

What sets Women of Tally apart from other work groups is that we not only build up the women inside our organization, but also those in our surrounding communities. And just six months in, it’s already working.

Women of Tally partnered with La Casa de Las Madres, a nonprofit in San Francisco, and organized a charity drive to support women and children affected by domestic violence. We brought the entire Tally team together to donate personal hygiene items, and then assembled them into 156 toiletry kits that were distributed at La Casa shelters.

Women of Tally members (L to R) Danielle Harrold, Tabitha Blagdon and Sonali Martinez-Najera deliver toiletry kits to La Casa’s Marisol Burgueno on November 20.

Women of Tally’s ability to unite the company for the common good is a testament to our persistence and to our purpose. A few group members have taken it a step further and are earning certification to volunteer at La Casa’s shelters in their free time!

These women are taking time out of their busy lives to educate themselves, so they can invest even more time into caring for the people who need our help the most. Not for some company-wide initiative. Simply because they care. And that’s what the spirit of Women of Tally is all about.

This level of empathy starts at the top of the organization. Our CEO has shared his thoughts about the importance of inclusion and diversity, and the support we receive from management is what makes Women of Tally possible. Tally’s leadership team recognizes and encourages our group to challenge the status quo and create a network that affects real change for real people.

But in the end, Women of Tally is about us. It’s about our willingness to advocate for and uplift one another. It’s about finding concrete ways to improve the lives of our women members.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing.