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California Employee Privacy Notice

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This privacy notice (“Notice”) explains what information we collect and for what purpose in connection with your application for employment, and potential subsequent employment with Tally Technologies, Inc. (including its parent, subsidiary and affiliated corporations and entities, and their successors and assigns; collectively, "Tally" or “we”). This Notice applies to applicants, employees, interns, and contractors. This Notice supplements the general Privacy Policy of Tally, which can be found

Information We Collect and How We Use It

In the course of the hiring process and, if hired, during your tenure at Tally (including former employees of Tally), we collect your “personal information” which may include such items as your first and last name, education and employment history, certain metadata (such as device IP address), internet or other electronic network login credentials and activity information, and audio, electronic, visual, or other similar information. We may also collect “sensitive personal information” which may include such items as your Social Security number, driver’s license number (or other government-issued ID card), bank account number, characteristics of a protected classification under California or federal law (such as race, religion, gender, disability, and age), and medical and health insurance information.

We use this information in connection with various employment-related purposes:

  • Recruitment purposes (including, but not limited to, assessing your qualifications for a position or conducting background checks);

  • Onboarding (if and when hired);

  • Managing the employer/employee relationship (including, but not limited to, payment of wages/earnings, pay parity analysis, maintaining time records, direct deposit authorization, and reimbursements);

  • Preparing legally required records (including I-9 and EEO-1 forms);

  • Our own internal business purposes (such as for general human resources, accounting purposes, financial planning, protecting personal information and technology systems, preventing or detecting fraud or other illegal activities, protecting the safety of Tally employees and visitors, or internal investigations); and

  • Compliance and legal purposes (such as to comply with law enforcement or government agency requests, for litigation related purposes, or to exercise a right or fulfill an obligation conferred or imposed by law).

If you do not join our team, we will maintain your information for so long as is required by law. If you are hired at Tally, we will maintain your information for the duration of your employment, and for a limited period thereafter as necessary and pursuant to our internal data retention policies. We will not retain your personal information or sensitive personal information for longer than is reasonably necessary for the purposes disclosed in this Notice.

Access to such information is restricted to only those individuals at Tally with a need-to-know basis. We may share your personal information and sensitive personal information with Tally’s third-party employment-related service providers, such as recruiters, payroll agencies, health insurance and other benefits providers, equity management companies, retirement plan providers and advisors, and other such providers. We do not and will not sell (as defined under California law) your personal information or sensitive personal information. Tally has implemented reasonable security procedures and practices appropriate to the nature of the personal information to protect the personal information from unauthorized or illegal access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure. You may exercise your rights as conferred by applicable law by visiting and, barring any applicable statutory exemptions, we will comply with such request.


Questions or comments about this Notice may be sent to the following email address with “Privacy” in the subject line or to the address below:

Tally Technologies, Inc.

Attn: Legal

P.O. Box 411165

San Francisco, CA 94141