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With APRs at low as 11.99%,
you could save up to $4,3002 in
interest with a Tally credit line.

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How Tally+ Works

Fast track your freedom from credit card debt

1. Download and apply
for our line of credit

Sign up, add your cards, and if eligible, Tally+ will offer you a custom, lower-interest line of credit.

Generally members have at least a 660 FICO score.

2. We pay all
your cards

Once you accept, Tally+ will use your line of credit to pay off your high-interest credit cards. This means you’ll start saving money on interest — right away!

3. You pay us back with one simple, monthly bill

Feel free to keep using all your cards — Tally+ can handle your payments. Yup, that’s it! No more stressing over different APRs, due dates, balances, and late fees.

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We’re not kidding, checking won’t hurt your credit score

Live life on your terms
– without credit card debt.

Even if you're not eligible for Tally+ right now, our app has tons of benefits that can help you take control of your wallet starting today.

  • Manage all your cards in one place

  • Get a personalized payoff strategy

  • Set your payments on autopilot

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See how much Tally+ can save you.

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Checking won’t hurt your credit score