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Tally gives everyone a faster and easier way to pay off credit card debt, from a low interest credit line to a personalized 
payoff plan.

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Two ways to get results with Tally

See which plan works for you. For those who qualify, Tally+ helps members save of $3,9721 in 3 1/2 and get out of debt up to 2x faster2.



The right way to start  paying off debt

  • Easily Manage All Cards
  • Automated Payments
  • Custom Payoff Plans
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Waived if you qualify

Fastest payoff with our exclusive low rates

  • Easily Manage All Cards
  • Automated Payments
  • Custom Payoff Plans
  • Low Interest Line of Credit
  • Late Fee Protection
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Get started in minutes

Download the app, securely add your credit cards and start making progress right away.

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We’ll automatically check to see if you’re eligible for our low-APR credit line. This is a soft credit check and doesn’t hurt your score. Typically, a 660 FICO score is needed

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Crush your credit card debt

Pick a payoff strategy that fits your financial goals, and we’ll make sure your money works its hardest.

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Instantly pay off your credit card debt up to the full size of your new credit line, helping you hit your goals even sooner.

crush debt faster with Tally
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Track and pay off your cards — all in one place

We make it easy to get a clear picture of all your credit cards and make real progress towards your goals.

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We’ll use your credit line to consolidate all your card payments into one monthly bill.

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Cross the finish line sooner

We take the stress and second-guessing out of credit cards, so you can take more control of your future.

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You can pay down your debt up to twice as fast2 with your line of credit.

You can pay down your debt twice as fast with your line of credit.


How does Tally pay my credit cards each month?

Tally monitors the balances, APRs, and due dates on each card you register. Tally’s smart technology will determine which cards to pay first, based on factors such as APRs and utilization. If you have cards with a lower APR than your Tally credit line, only minimum payments will be made to those cards to make sure you won’t be charged late fees. You can disable Tally’s Late Fee Protection at any time.

When does Tally make payments to my cards?

We send payments at least two (2) business days before your card’s due date to ensure payment arrives on time.

What’s Tally’s late fee protection?

If you qualify and sign up for Tally’s line of credit, all registered credit cards will be automatically enrolled in Tally’s late fee protection. A few business days before your due date, Tally scans your cards (even cards set to “You Pay”) to see if you’ve made a payment that satisfies at least the minimum amount due. If Tally hasn’t detected a payment by you, Tally will make the minimum payment on your behalf, using your Tally credit line, to prevent you from being charged a late fee.

We ask that you pay us back this minimum amount, plus any interest accrued, by your next Tally due date. You can disable this option at any time by unchecking the box next to “Late Fee protection” within the “You Pay” payment preference.