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How Tally works

If eligible, Tally can give you access to our lowest-interest credit line, helping you get
out of credit card debt faster1.

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How Tally works


Get started in minutes

Download the app, and securely add your credit cards. We’ll do a credit check, which won’t impact your score, to see if you’re eligible for our low-interest line of credit. Typically, a 680 FICO score is needed.

1.Get started in minutes


Access your low-interest line of credit

If eligible, we’ll offer you a low-interest line of credit — customized to save you as much money as possible. Just like wholesale retailers (think: Costco), we find the low rates and pass the savings to you.

2.Access your low-interest line of credit


Tally pays off your cards, right away

Once you accept the offer, we’ll immediately pay off
your cards with your Tally line of credit, saving you money right away.

3.Tally pays off your cards, right away


Pay Tally back — in one, simple bill a month

We’ll use your credit line to consolidate all your card payments into one monthly bill. Say goodbye to different due dates, APRs, and balances.

Unlimited refills

Use your credit line again and again. As you pay Tally back, you’ll free up space on your credit line to pay off even more of your expensive credit cards!

4.Pay Tally back — in one, simple bill a month


Get out of credit card debt faster1

Save money on interest while saying goodbye to credit card debt and goodbye to stress.

5.Get out of credit card debt faster1

We believe everyone
deserves to be debt-free.

Even if you’re not eligible for Tally right now,
you can use Tally, regardless of credit score.

Manage all your cards in one place

Get a personalized payoff strategy

Set your payments on autopilot


The Tally app is free to download. To get the benefits of a Tally line of credit, you’ll need to qualify for and accept a Tally credit line. Depending on your credit history, your APR (which is the same as your interest rate) will be between 7.90% - 29.99% per year. And similar to credit card APRs, it will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. (This information is accurate as of May 1, 2023.)

The credit check we perform to determine your eligibility has no impact on your credit score. In fact, we’ve heard from many members with a credit line that using Tally actually helped them improve their credit score factors overall. If you choose to activate your line of credit, we may report it to the credit bureaus. Once reported, your Tally account will be classified as a line of credit and not as a highly utilized credit card. If your Tally account becomes delinquent, our team is required to report the past due amount and its severity to the credit bureaus.

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