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Our mission is to make you less stressed and better off financially. We only make money if we can save you money. One of the ways we help you save is through a Tally line of credit.

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What’s a Tally personal line of credit?

Your Tally personal line of credit is an important tool in paying off credit card debt. Once you download Tally and scan the credit cards you’d like us to manage, we analyze your credit profile to determine if Tally can offer you a line of credit loan with a lower APR than you’re currently paying — and that helps you save money.

How does Tally use my line of credit?

We use your new Tally line of credit to pay down your existing credit card balances. First, we transfer your higher APR balances to your Tally line of credit. Then, we actually make the payments on your existing balances for you! The lower APR on your Tally line of credit helps you save money right away, and you can put that savings toward your outstanding credit card balances to get out of debt faster.

How do I know if I qualify for a line of credit with a lower APR?

Download the free Tally app and answer a few questions to find out. To determine if we can offer you a Tally line of credit with a lower APR than you’re currently paying, we look at your credit card balances, interest rates, spending behavior and credit score. A FICO score of 680 is typically required.

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Your Tally line of credit often has a lower APR than you’re currently paying, somewhere between 7.90% and 29.99 % per year (information accurate as of June 2021). If you have a credit card with a promotional rate or a lower APR than your Tally line of credit, we’ll only make the minimum payment toward that card’s balance until the rate expires.

Unlike a personal loan, your Tally line of credit is open-ended (known as a revolving line of credit). A personal loan provides a set amount of money and a repayment schedule over a set amount of time, but your Tally line of credit gives you more flexibility. Best of all, you only pay interest on what you borrow.

We won’t always be able to offer you a line of credit with a lower APR, but you can still add your cards into the Tally app and get the benefits of managing all of your credit card payments in a single app. Plus, Tally’s late fee protection ensures you’ll never miss a credit card payment again.

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