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Tally is a financial automation company making it easier for people to achieve their money goals.

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Financial Reality Looms as Covid-19 Relief Near Expiration

More unemployed Americans are worried right now about running out of emergency funds (45%) than losing unemployment benefits if another stimulus package is not passed (21%).

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Americans Hurting Financially During Coronavirus Crisis

More than a third of U.S. adults with debt (38%) plan to only pay the minimum on their monthly debt payments during the coronavirus crisis while 20% can’t pay their debts on time.

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Financial Anxiety High As Coronavirus Worries Grow

76% of Americans worry Coronavirus will trigger an economic recession. More than 2 in 5 U.S. adults (45%) plan to take or have already taken certain financial actions to preserve cash as a result.

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Financial Anxiety More Likely to Affect Women, Parents

Think the gender pay gap has no effect? Think again. Women are more likely than men to be worried about not earning enough money to cover their expenses (39% vs 29%).

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10 Things Americans Won't Give Up to Be Debt-Free

42% of U.S. adults with debt worry about paying off their credit card debt. However, the need to pay off debt doesn’t appear to exceed the desire for cell phone service, cars, dining out and streaming for many.

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2 in 3 Adults Feel Obligated to Buy Holiday Gifts

Do you obligift? 71% of Americans would still buy holiday gifts even if it meant taking on credit card debt. This is especially true for parents of children under 18.

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The Transfer Trap: How Debt Refinancing Fall Short

Only 38% of individuals who used a balance transferred to manage their debt were able to pay off the entire amount before the promotional rate expires.

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What’s New

Tally Raises $50 Million Series C Led by Andreessen Horowitz to Fully Automate Consumers’ Financial Lives

Bringing the total amount raised to $92 million, the funds will be used to grow Tally’s business and build out a completely automated consumer finance platform that will reduce the time and stress it takes people to reach their financial goals.

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