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Grow your business by bringing Tally to your customers. Together, we can help people be less stressed and better off financially.

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Meet the Tally Robot

The Tally Robot is now available as a fully embedded, white-labeled software development kit. The Robot is built to improve financial wellness and enhance your business model—providing unique engagement, retention, cross-sell and monetization opportunities.

Your customers get all the benefits of Tally.
You get all the credit.

See the Robot in Action

Learn how the Robot works hard to improve your customers’ financial wellness while simultaneously growing your business. By offering the Tally Robot, your customers and your business will thrive.

Tally For Banks & Financial Institutions

Tally is working with large, established, financial institutions to drive increased revenue while providing financial wellness for your customers. Acquire assets and data insights from competing card issuers while capturing competitor’s card economics. Increase your customer retention and loyalty while promoting adoption and utilization of your products.

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Tally For Fintechs

Enhance your experience with Tally’s white-labeled technology. Leverage data insights to improve customer retention. Generate more revenue per user, while empowering your users to improve their financial wellness.

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Tally For Lenders

Convert an inherently transactional relationship into a sticky ongoing one to drive recurring revenue & cross sell. Tally can help you build higher engagement and increase interest income by embedding our white-labeled product into your experience.

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Tally For All

Put Tally to work for your business and customers. We drive retention and customer engagement while building members’ financial resilience. Your users see a white-labeled product embedded inside the apps they already know and love.

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