My Best Buy Credit Card™

My Best Buy Credit Card™ is one of many store cards supported by Tally. We believe in separating the burden of credit cards from the benefits. With Tally, you can keep using My Best Buy Credit Card™ without worrying about high interest rates or late fees.

About the card

My Best Buy Credit Card™ is a retail card that can only be used on purchases at Best Buy. Depending on your annual spending on the card, you can earn a variety of rewards and benefits that include cash back, interest-free financing and automatic enrollment in the My Best Buy rewards program. The more you spend, the more you can earn, though there are a few costs and fees that come with the card.

My Best Buy Credit Card

How My Best Buy Credit Card™ works

The My Best Buy Credit Card™ rewards program has different status levels, based on how much you spend. At the time of enrollment, you begin at the Basic level. If you spend $1,500 on the card during the year, you’ll be upgraded to Elite status, while spending $3,500 gives you Elite Plus status. Some benefits are only available to members of higher levels.
With Tally you will only have one bill to pay

Benefits and rewards

The benefits and rewards of My Best Buy Credit Card™ get better as you upgrade your status level. First, you can choose between earning 5% cash back on all Best Buy purchases or interest-free financing, and you also get a 5% cash-back bonus on your first purchase with the card. You also get free shipping (the details improve with status), access to special sales and offers and around-the-clock customer service.
Easily track your credit card due dates

Costs and fees

My Best Buy Credit Card™ has no annual fee and charges 25.24% APR or 11.9% APR on select purchases only, subject to prime rate. The card has no penalty APR, but charges up to $38 for late fees and returned payment fees.

How Tally can help

My Best Buy Credit Card™ offers great savings and benefits, but the high 25.24% APR can wipe out your discounts if you don’t pay your balance in full every month. And if you don’t pay back the entire purchase balance in full by the end of the term, you’ll be charged interest going all the way back to the purchase date. To maximize your savings, scan your My Best Buy Credit Card™ when you sign up for Tally and let us handle the rest. Tally is the fastest and easiest way to eliminate credit card debt. We give you a Tally line of credit at a lower APR, so you can pay off your balances faster, and we make sure all of the cards you register with Tally are paid on time and in the way that saves you the most money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a My Best Buy Credit Card™?

You can apply for the My Best Buy Credit Card™ online.

Where can I use the My Best Buy Credit Card™

The My Best Buy Credit Card™ can only be used in-person at Best Buy stores and at

Who do I contact about My Best Buy Credit Card™?

Best Buy customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (888) 237-8289.

You want to learn more about Tally?

Tally is the fastest way to debt-free, and to easily manage your Best Buy Credit Card™