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Tally’s smart, custom features make it easy to stay on track and automatically find more ways to save on interest.

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Tame your credit cards

Once you add your cards, we’ll magically organize and schedule all your payments for you — no more hopping from app to app.

Tame your credit cards with Tally

Customize your payoff strategy

Pick the best strategy for you and we’ll help you follow through. Tally does the hard work for you, maximizing the impact of every dollar.

Tackle debt, the smart way

Put a stop to late fees

Tally can protect you from late fees by automatically paying your card minimums each month, letting you ditch all those calendar reminders.

Put a stop to late fees with Tally

Make extra payments without extra effort

One of the secrets to paying off debt faster is to make more payments, no matter their size. Tally makes it easy to automate those extra payments, even as little as $5.

Make extra payments without extra effort

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An app that helps real people really pay off debt


How does Tally know how much to pay?

When you register your cards with Tally, we monitor your balances, APRs and due dates for you. We make sure you never miss a payment, and we’ll calculate the smartest way to save you on interest across all your cards.

What if I have a promotional rate on my card?

With a Tally line of credit, if you have a promotional rate on one of your credit cards, Tally will only make the minimum payment until the rate expires. You can track and update cards on promotional APRs by using the “Promo Tracker” option listed under each card.

If you forgot to tell us your card is on a promo and see that we plan on making a payment to this card, please contact us before 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time of the same day at (866) 50-TALLY or

What if my Tally line of credit doesn’t cover all my card balances?

Tally offers a revolving line of credit. As you pay Tally back and clear up enough of your Tally credit line, our algorithm determines what the optimal amount is to pay on all your cards to help save you the most on interest and fees. Our goal at Tally is to let you sit back while Tally makes the hard decisions.

Why do I need Tally if I pay off my cards in full each month?

You can still add your cards to the Tally app and you’ll have the benefit of easy, consolidated credit card management. With a Tally line of credit, you’re also automatically enrolled in Tally’s Late Fee Protection, where you can enjoy the freedom from having to worry about late fees.

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